Height, Fall & Drop ATOMiser

This edition of the ATOMiser focuses on height, fall and drop protection. For some jobs working at height is unavoidable
and with height comes the serious risk of injury or death caused by a fall or dropped object. Safe Work Australia reported that 7,730 claims for serious injury were lodged due to a fall from height between 2010-11. Ensuring that your worksite has the appropriate safety measures and equipment in place is paramount to preventing incidents such as this occurring.

Just having the correct height safety equipment is not enough. Using the correct equipment in an improper way can be just as unsafe as not using the equipment at all. Making sure that all workers onsite understand the height safety regulations, the worksite height protocols and how to properly use height safety equipment, are all essential factors in creating a safe working environment.

ATOMise are here to help with this. The team can help you understand the rules and regulations around height safety, recommend equipment from premium brands, conduct equipment training, offer tailored advice, and assist in the creation of industry-leading worksite protocols.

The ATOMise team understand the gravity of the risks associated with working at height; where one piece of equipment can be the difference between life and death. This is serious business. ATOMise partner with premium brands such as MSA, and use evidence-based reasoning, not kickbacks, to provide specialist advice on how to best kit out your worksite.

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