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Control & Compliance

After assessing and approving correct PPE for each work task, the next challenge is ensuring your employees are obtaining and wearing their assigned PPE.

ATOM Inventory Control (ATOMic) Services offer a range of customised inventory control solutions for your business’s unique needs. Ensure your workplace is compliant with complete visibility and control of your workers’ access and consumption of safety gear through our cloud-based reporting system.

ATOMic’s Safety Station

The ultimate dispensing solution for safety equipment and clothing. Utilising a combination of ATOMic vending machines, you can:

  • Allow your team 24/7 access to consumables and workwear

  • Control access to products by employee, task and/or quantity.

  • Track item usage by job, work order, cell, cost centre or any other variable

  • Low stock alerts allow you to be condent your employees always have access to vital equipment

  • Retrieve data to prove compliance

  • Upload your company’s safety messages for employees to watch.

  • Place machines near tasks to reduce employee downtime.

  • Issue workwear through our vending lockers, restrict access so employees can only access their size or dispense certain items or quantities

  • Keep track of valuable assets such as PAPR respirators or SCUBA equipment by having employees check in and out at the start and end of their shift

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