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About ATOM Safety

No matter how much you enjoy your job, we all love getting home after a long day at work.

The peak hour traffic can be frustrating, crowded public transport can wear you down, the airport routine can be tiresome, but the reward comes when the key turns in the lock and the door swings open.


Whether it’s your partner there to greet you, your kids running up to give you a hug, your dog jumping at your legs, or whatever your situation might be – these are the reasons we work so hard. Unfortunately, not everyone returns home safely.

Too many Australians are killed on the job, and more than one in a hundred workers will suffer a serious workplace injury each year. The vast majority of these are preventable.


Our team of industrial safety specialists partners with you to remove these preventable risks from your workplace.

At ATOM Safety, we believe every worker has earned the right to get home safely after a long day at work.


We know you take safety seriously, you’re responsible for getting workers home safely to their loved ones.


Our dedicated team of safety specialists are here to become your trusted partner. Someone you can rely on; existing only to provide you with incredible, intelligent and truly independent safety advice and solutions. A team of professionals dedicated to remaining at the forefront of all the latest safety standards, technologies, innovations and products available in the market. As your partner, they’re there to give you advice and help you present agreed solutions to the business. 


You can purchase any of ATOM Safety's recommended products through, ATOM. ATOM is one of Australia’s leading industrial product businesses with distribution capabilities throughout Australia, including remote outback and offshore.


At ATOM we pride ourselves on helping you with the little things, the hundreds and often thousands of products you need to get the job done – so that you can stay focused on the big picture. Our focus is on taking away any pains or frustrations you experience finding, counting, ordering, tracking, receipting, stocking, and storing that long tail of industrial products you need, and we guarantee to lower your total cost of managing them whilst doing it.


So contact us today, or whenever you next need a professional who is taking safety seriously. Start your journey with ATOM Safety, knowing that it has the full support and backing of ATOM and all that it is capable of.

ATOM is the Team Driving Industry in AUstralia
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You can do more than just purchase industrial and safety products online. With ATOM’s intelligent online ordering capabilities you can manage your team’s purchasing access, increase your credit limit and review previous orders. Plus, ATOM’s powerful search function finds what you need, fast!

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Allow your team to browse and purchase from a select basket of approved goods on a customised punchout website. Or, eliminate data entry with EDI, the ultimate in integrated purchasing. All responses are sent in live time and direct to your system, in your format.

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ATOM’s unique Walkthrough Warehouse format puts 1,000s of popular products at your fingertips with friendly local staff to assist you. If you can’t find what you need, the ATOM team can help you find it; they have access to over one million industrial and safety products.

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