Relationship with ATOM

ATOM is one of Australia’s leading industrial product businesses with distribution capabilities throughout Australia, including the remote outback and offshore.


At ATOM we pride ourselves on helping you with the little things, the hundreds and often thousands of products you need to get the job done – so that you can stay focused on the big picture. Our focus is on taking away any pains or frustrations you experience finding, counting, ordering, tracking, receipting, stocking and storing that long tail of industrial products you need, and we guarantee to lower your total cost of managing them whilst doing it.

Several years ago, ATOM identified a void in the Australian market and launched ATOMic Services. ATOMic has since grown rapidly to become Australia’s leading supplier of tailored industrial vending and inventory control solutions. Similarly, ATOM Safety is in response to a void ATOM has identified in the market for specialised independent safety advice.

By creating a separate brand and business through which to serve you, ATOM has acknowledged that to truly take safety seriously requires a different focus. Safety in the workplace is not about efficiently managing the “little things” and therefore doesn’t sit naturally within a general supply business. Instead, the focus has to be on human outcomes achieved through deep personal relationships. We see our role as being your trusted advisor, helping you navigate the complex landscape that is safety in Australia.

We’ve taken time to assemble a highly experienced team to form ATOM Safety, ensuring that, from day one, you have dedicated specialists to call upon with confidence and without compromise.

So contact us today, or whenever you next need a professional who is taking safety seriously. Start your journey with ATOM Safety, knowing that it has the full support and backing of ATOM and all that it is capable of.

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