Eye & Face Protection

ATOMise is focused on you and your team’s safety and wellbeing. Making sure that every visitor to your worksite is educated and has access to workplace-specific safety solutions.

This edition of The ATOMiser focuses on eye and face protection. In Australia, eye injuries cost approximately
$60 million a year. Between 2010-11 and 2014-15, it is estimated that 3,000 people visited a hospital emergency
department due to an eye injury sustained at work. Industries with the highest rate of eye injuries include
construction, agriculture, transport and manufacturing. Nearly all of these eye and face injuries could have been
preventable with the proper implementation of safety measures and controls.


Having inadequate protection, or using safety equipment in an improper way can be just as hazardous as having
no protection at all. Understanding exactly what safety equipment to use, and how to use it are vital in your
workplace’s safety management plan.


ATOMise are here to help with this. The team can help you understand the rules and regulations surrounding eye
and face protection, recommend premium brands, conduct equipment training, offer tailored advice, and assist in the creation of industry-leading protocols.


The ATOMise team understand how precious our face and eyes can be, and how they help us connect with
one another. An injury to the eye or face can not only affect a person physically but can reduce a person’s
independence and negatively affect mental health. ATOMise partner with premium brands such as Riley, Bolle
and MSA, and use evidence-based reasoning, no kickbacks, to provide specialist advice on how to best kit out
your worksite. 

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