Sun, Skin & First Aid ATOMiser

ATOMise is focused on you and your team’s safety and well being, making sure that everyone who comes to your worksite is educated and has access to workplace specific safety solutions.

Australia is renowned for its harsh, unforgiving environment; exposing the body to hot, dry and humid conditions. This exposure can take a toll on the human body if not properly managed, resulting in dehydration, heat stress, fatigue, injury, infections and burns.


Lifestyle choices outside of the workplace can negatively impact the entire worksite if not managed appropriately. It is important to guarantee that the entire team are of sound and sober mind before beginning work, operating machinery and working in high risk areas.

Ensuring everyone on site is as safe as possible should be a priority for all workplaces. However, accidents can happen, even with the best prevention methods in place. To be compliant with Australian Law it is mandatory to have an appropriate and effective first aid response plan and materials in your workplace.

It is for these reasons this edition of the ATOMiser focuses on hydration, skin protection, drug and alcohol testing and first aid. In the Australian summer the temperature soars and the humidity increases, making now the ideal time to ensure that your workplace has the best mitigating measures in place. In collaboration with premium brands such as Sqwincher and FastAid, ATOMise can provide specialised and dedicated advice on how to best service your workplace safety.

Whether your work environment is indoors, outdoors, high heat in extreme humidity, or any other harsh or high-risk environment, ATOMise can work with you to create a tailored strategy to protect and minimise the effects to people in your workplace.

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