The first step is easy. Simply reach out to an ATOM Safety Specialist with your specific or general safety concerns, or simply to ask more about the ATOM Safety guarantee. Once we’ve started talking, your ATOM Safety Specialist will map out a process to move forward with, it will typically look something like this.


Step 2

Capture and store safety measures for future benchmarking and ATOM Safety partnership evaluation


Step 4

Provide toolbox talks to employees on the agreed safety risk management plan, driving compliance


Step 6

Benchmark performance and assess whether ATOM Safety has delivered upon its promise

Upon completion of the assessment, we’ll capture and store your safety measures for future benchmarking and to evaluate the ATOM Safety partnership against our promise.

Your ATOM Safety Specialist will collaborate with the world’s premium manufacturers to identify a tailored solution to improve the safety outcome for your business. This will typically involve FREE product trials, providing correct-use training and toolbox talks to encourage compliance.

Step 1

Conduct the ATOM Safety Workplace Risk Assessment – generally or specifically


Step 3

Provide correct-use training and manage test trials on identified best fit-for-purpose PPE and safety equipment


Step 5

Measure, track and trace PPE consumption, safety equipment usage, and LTI by end-user


When the tailored solution is proven and accepted by all stakeholders, ATOM Safety will assess how to best measure, track and trace consumption or compliance with usage by end-user.

Finally, as your partnership with ATOM Safety works progressively through each of the hazard areas prioritised from the assessment, data will continue being captured on all tailored solutions implemented to date. Regular meetings will be held with you and select stakeholders to benchmark performance and assess whether the individual safety outcomes have been achieved and ATOM Safety has delivered upon its promise.