Hand & Respiratory ATOMiser

ATOMise is focused on you and your team’s safety and wellbeing, making sure that everyone who comes to your
work site is educated and has access to workplace specific safety solutions.

This ATOMiser concentrates on hand and respiratory protection. Often it is the hands and lungs that are
unknowingly put in danger. It is common to commence a task without giving proper thought to the potential
dangers exposed to the hands or respiratory system, especially if not excessively obvious. This can lead to
insufficient, or no protection.

The hands perform hundreds of tasks each day. Many of these are low risk, such as typing on a computer or taking
a phone call. Other tasks are high risk, including working with chemicals, oils or lubricants, being exposed to sharp
objects and working with high heat machinery. Without proper protection when undertaking high risk tasks the
potential injuries are expansive, ranging from cuts, bruising, burns, chemical burns, infection and amputation.
Breathing is essential to life. The brain can only survive 6 minutes without oxygen before irreversible damage
occurs. Exposing the respiratory system to unsafe and contaminated air can be life threatening. Dangerous
substances range from mechanically generated dust particles to toxic materials; some of which are not easily
detectable through sight or smell.

Ensuring you have fit-for-purpose hand and respiratory protection as a first line of defence is the best way to
protect yourself and everyone in your workplace from potential hazards. Partnering with the leading manufacturers
such as Ansell, PPE Select, ATG and MSA, ATOMise are here to provide specialised advice and help you select the
right protection equipment for your workplace.

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